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...allows you to download walk navigation info onto your pda, upload your own walks/photos/comments to share with other gps walkers sounds great! register me!


Instructions - Walking

By now, you should have registered, selected a walk for download, and transferred it to your PDA. All that remains now is to actually do the walking.

On your PDA, from the start menu, select GPSWalk
The application takes a few seconds to start (while it checks the database etc) and then presents you with a simple screen with some buttons.

From the drop down list, select the walk that you are planning to undertake.
Pressing the Info button will give you some brief information on the walk.
Pressing the Walk button will take you into the screen to follow the walk.

This screen has the following buttons down the left hand side:
  • [Alt] Shows the altitude profile of the walk
  • [Spe] Shows the speed of the walkers when they did the walk
  • [Rte] Show an outline of the route
  • [Pic] Shows the pictures taken during the walk.
With your GPS turned on, check the "Follow GPS" box, and your location will be plotted on the route, and the closes picture will be displayed on the screen.

Following the walk is as simple as looking around you for the next picture, and checking that your current position is not too far from the route.