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...allows you to download walk navigation info onto your pda, upload your own walks/photos/comments to share with other gps walkers sounds great! register me!


Instructions - Adding Walks

Adding walks is as simple as walking - you just have to know where you are going.
Simply start the GPSWalk application on your PDA, press the [Capture] button and set off.

** It is worth checking that the GPS is working, and delivering a Longitude / Latitude to the application at this point.**

While you are walking, use the PDA camera to take photos. Pictures saved to "My Photographs" will be transferred into the database and stored with an exact GPS location.

If you have an external camera that uses the same sort of card (ie Compact Flash, or secure digital) as your PDA then you can take pictuers with your camera and then transfer them on the card to the walk at the end. Please note, to do this:
  • the card must be compatible with your camera and your PDA
  • the date on the camera and the PDA must be set accurately
  • you must have enough storage space spare on the PDA to make a copy of the images.

Throughout the walk, you can review your progress - looking at the altitude, speed and route that you have followed. You can also review the pictures using the scroll bar.
On completing a walk, press the OK button, and the device will stop logging.

If you want to add photos from an external camera then you must do so now. This is done by inserting the memory card into the PDA, and then pressing the "Add Photos" button on the screen. You will be presented with a select folder dialog where you must select the folder that contains the camera pgotographs. It is usually in a folder called \storage\....

When you get home, cradle the PDA, and press the transfer data button. The walk, and all it's images, should be available on this website under "My Walks" immediately.