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...allows you to download walk navigation info onto your pda, upload your own walks/photos/comments to share with other gps walkers sounds great! register me!


Instructions - Overview

The concept GPS Walking is very simple. With a PDA, GPS and a simple application (provided here free of charge) it is possible to select a walk from the database that is:
  • near to you (or where you are going)
  • of about the right distance
  • of about the right time
  • an appropriate difficulty
  • has the features you require - pub, toilet, coffee shop

Map View

You can preview the walk - getting a view of the route, the altitude profile and look at all the pictures before downloading enough information to follow that walk.*

The walk should proove easy to follow as there is a combination of accurate log points taken approximately every minute and photographs taken at waypoints, landmarks, and hopefully some pretty views.

If you have the right equipment, then it is possible to add walks to the database simply by using the same application and taking photographs while walking.

If you fancy joining this community of people who love walking, and want to share their experience then please register

* At the moment, the walks are free to download. I reserve the right to start to charge a fee for this service in the event that it becomes popular / the server needs money spending on it.