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...allows you to download walk navigation info onto your pda, upload your own walks/photos/comments to share with other gps walkers sounds great! register me!


Instructions - Downloading Walks

Downloading a walk is a three stage process.
  1. Login to the GPSWalk website
  2. Select the walk from the website
  3. Cradle your PDA, run the GPSWalk app, and press "Transfer data"
Each of these steps will be explained below.

1. Login to the GPSWalk Website.
If you've registered, then this is simple - enter your email address and password into the login screen. If you have not registered then you need to go to the registration screen and enter some simple details.

2. Select the walk from the website
You can select walks to transfer to you PDA by pressing either the Search For Walks menu item - this will list the walks by area. Alternatively, select the My Walks link to see the walks that you have uploaded. Finally, you can select the walks that you have purchased previously by clicking on the Purchased Walks link.

3. Cradle your PDA, run the GPSWalk app, and press "Transfer data"
Ok, so this is several steps, but it is so simple, it feels like one. Presumably to select the walks, you're sat looking at your PC, with your PDA in it's cradle. On the PDA, run the GPSWalk application, and press the Transfer data button. This will use the internet connection of your PC to download the data that you have requested. Note that the email address and password must be correct. If the program is unable to connect or identify you then it will ask you to check your login details.

Problem Solving

There's really only two possible problems with downloading - either the username and password is not correct, or the PDA is not conencted to the internet. To solve the first, please check your password. If you need a reminder then click here

To check whether you are connected to the internet successfully, try opening internet explorer on your PDA and browse to Google. If you cannot see Google, then you have to solve this problem first. There are a few things to try:
Each item is a seperate thing to try...
  • Reboot the PDA while connected to the PC (This is usually what solves my problem)
  • Connect to the internet using the PDA's wireless connection (if it has one) rather than active sync (this works for me too, but it is cheating!)
  • "Okay for anyone that is having problems with Internet working thur Activesync, you can try to go into start, setting, connections, usb to pc and uncheck enable advanced network functionality."
  • "Also check Active sync, File -> Connection settings -> this computer is connected to: -> The Internet."
  • "Try run welcome.exe in the windows folder on the ipaq. It will restore some files and setting regarding PIE."
(These are from a general Google search, and quoted as they were. You might want to do your own search for specific problem / suggestions for you make of PDA)

* At the moment, the walks are free to download. I reserve the right to start to charge a fee for this service in the event that it becomes popular / the server needs money spending on it.