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...allows you to download walk navigation info onto your pda, upload your own walks/photos/comments to share with other gps walkers sounds great! register me!


Downloading the GPS Walk Application

The application can be downloaded free of charge provided that you have registered.

You have to register and agree to the terms and conditions before you can download the application.
Click here to do so.
2 March 20031.8 Created a decent install set so that running a .msi file on the PC installs the app to the PDA.
31 July 20061.7 Fixed problem when frst downloading - no reference data for walk type created. It now works as soon as downloaded, and you do not have to get "Transfer data" working before you can capture a walk.
9 July 20061.6 Fixed problem with the date format on uploads. Forced all dates to SQL default format.
Added facility for the images to be rotated on the website.
07 July 20061.5 More style added from Clear Breeze Design. Was incredibly easy as the updated style sheet did it automatically. Walk details page improved.
Some walk plotting functions improved - icons on the website, colours etc.
More time allowed for GPS to find the satellites - for older GPSs.
Walk photos put into a scrolling div instead of a massive table.
PDA - tap the app, and get a full screen image of the current picture
Same for the plot
19 June 20061.4 Style added from Clear Breeze Design. Was incredibly easy as the updated style sheet did it automatically. Very little code change (mostly to correct my errors).
Added GPS Type and PDA Type to registration
Moved compact to the delete walk button - so that it speeds up the startup.
Compact traps errors better - usually caused by lack of memory
RSS Feed added, atomatically generated by web service.
Ability to add comments to walks for registered users.
Added ability for registered users to give feedback on the PDA app, the website and setting up GPSs.
Fixed the aspect ratio on the walk plots - makes the plot use less screen, but give better info.
The walk search table is now more compact so that it fits in an 800 screen.
Reformatted the walk details screen so that it is 800 wide also.
10 June 20061.4 Town, creator, distance, time shown on the walk details page
Nearest town shown in title, and in alt tag of the image.
Link to Multimap to allow visitor to navigate to the walk.
Password updated (to be more secure) on PDA Database
Fix failure to create database problem on PDA.
9 June 20061.3 Compact database on application load.
Flag to determine whether walk types are downloaded to PDA.
Plotting on PDA of route enhanced to match website.
Key added to PDA screen for Route.
Key plots POIs with more information now (PDA and web).
Gallery added to walk selection.
Download history stored with date and time.
Progress bar on adding images from alternative source.
7 June 20061.2 Icons for folders / devices / cards added to the folder browse dialog.
Added an icon, instead of the default
Made the POI type and Walk types update from the server
Made the capture form update the Walk type.
Made the scroll bat appear correctly when capturing
Made the pictures refresh each time when capturing.
Made the repeated clicking of the download button not add multiple downoad requests.
6 June 20061.1Revised installation package for pocket PC - with supporting files.
4 June 20061.0Initial release.