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...allows you to download walk navigation info onto your pda, upload your own walks/photos/comments to share with other gps walkers sounds great! register me!


Instructions - Registering

Now you understand the concept - using you GPS and PDA to follow a walk, the first step is to register. Simply provide some simple details. If you provide a location, the website will use that as the starting point for your searches when you login.

Having registered, the GPSWalk system will enable you to download the software, and access all the walks that you have either uploaded or (paid to download if charging comes into effect*)

You'll also need to enter the username and password into the applicaiton on your PDA so that the website knows where to download your selected walks to.

To register you must enter
  • Email
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Postcode
  • A password
To complete this step, go to the registration page

* At the moment, the walks are free to download. I reserve the right to start to charge a fee for this service in the event that it becomes popular / the server needs money spending on it.