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Instructions - GPS Setup

Setting up the GPS is one of those things that either works first time, or fails to work without lots of technical help. This page sets out the procedure in simple terms.

Types of GPS

Although there are serveral types of GPS, they all seen to communicate in a similar way. In outline, the types are:
  • Integrated into the PDA
  • Fit to the PDA using a card slot
  • Connect to the PDA using a cable
  • Connected by Bluetooth
There are two stages to getting the GPS working - firstly to get it connected, and secondly to ensure that it is communicating with the application.

The cable and card slot devices need to be connected. A Bluetooth device needs to be paired with the PDA. In general, this is done by:
  1. Make sure that bluetooth is switched on on the PDA.
  2. Ask the PDA to look for new devices
  3. Get the GPS unit to transmit it's presence - usually done by holding the ON button for a few seconds.
  4. When they have detected each other, enter the pass key provided with the GPS into the PDA
  5. Say Yes to having a serial port for this device
In theory, the GPS should be able to talk to the PDA now.

Making the GPSWalk application can talk to the GPS should be automatic. The default setup is "Automatic" which means that the application finds the GPS.

If this fails, then press the [GPS Setup] button on the application. If when you press [Try] you get a spinning bar at the top right of the screen this means that the GPS is talking to the PDA succesfully. Leaving the Baud on Automatic, try the various ports from Com1: to Com19:. Each time you change the port, press the try button and wait a couple of seconds. Some ports will give you an error. Press Ok to clear the error and try the next port.

To go a step further, as the GPS finds satellites, it will list them in the list box in the lower half of the screen. Generally you'll have to be outside for this to happen.

Please leave any comments you have that might help people setup their GPS in the area below.
By default the application didn't work with my Pocket Loox n560. I had to into System->GPS and set the software port to something other than the actual port (COM8), in my case COM7. I then set the GPS Walk application to use COM7 and off we went! 02/12/2006 23:17:37pkr m
 21/09/2018 15:18:53Brandon Booten
 21/09/2018 15:10:57Brandon Booten
 02/12/2006 23:16:03pkr m
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